Oct 2020 – Mark 19-20 Nov at 1-6pm GMT for #iros2020#workshop on: “#application-oriented #modelling & #control of #softrobotics
with: Ian Walker, Christian Duriez, M Kilpack, Caleb RuckerNabil SimaanIsuru GodageStelian Coros, H Mochiyama, Pierre DupontTania MorimotoZheng Wang, Mortiz Bächer
Organizers: Thomas George ThuruthelCosimo Della SantinaS.M.Hadi SadatiFederico RendaCecilia Laschi
Sponsors: Disney ResearchFrontiers Robotics & AI

Oct 2020 – 2nd #SoftRobotics #Debate is almost here: “Bridging the Gap Between #SoftRobots and #SoftMaterials: Discovering New Material Functionalities vs. Creating #ArchitectedCompliance” Thu Oct 15th at 3PM CEST (Link) with Panelists: J Lipton, S Maeda, J Rossiter, R Shepherd, H Stuart, @rltruby, @BramVDBorght, and Moderator: G Olson. @ME_at_UW @SIT_PR_staff @SoftLabBristol @BristolRobotLab @Cornell @UCBerkeley @NorthwesternU @VUBrussel @CMU_Mech @ieeeras @SoftRobotics_JN

Sep 2020 – Our @ieeeras #IROS2020 Presentation on “Exploiting the #Morphology of a #SMA #Spring as an Active Backbone #Tendril #Robot (ATBR)” @SoftLabBristol @BristolRobotLab  @rvimlab  @KingsImaging   @ClemsonUniv

Jul 2020 – Active Backbone Tendril Robot ATBR #IROS2020 – local deformation exploited from Tendril Morphology – local heating programmed in structure by design @rvimlab  @SoftLabBristol @BristolRobotLab

Jul 2020 – Win $200 from @DisneyResearch and chance of publishing with @FrontRoboticsAI by submitting to “Application-Oriented #Modelling & #Control of #SoftRobots#IROS2020 #workshop by Aug 23rd: Link
@federico_renda @rvimlab @MIT_CSAIL @Cambridge_Uni

Jul 2020 – More on 1st #SoftRobotics #debate: “#MorphologicalContribution vs. Traditional #Control & #Planning“, Webpage, Suggest us questions to be asked, Joining the vent

Jul 2020 – Glad for our #IROS2020 “SMA #Tendril Morphology as Active Backbone #ContinuumRobot” & “#OpticNerve Fenestration with Multi-Arm ContinuumRobot” papers, & “Application-Oriented #Modelling & #Control of #SoftRobots” workshop @rvimlab @SoftLabBristol

Jun 2020 – Our latest results on “#OpticNerve Sheath Fenestration with a Multi-Arm #ContinuumRobot“, an IEEE RA-L article by @zmitros @rvimlab

Jun 2020 – Lecturing”Advanced Mechanics” 2020 undergrad module @kingsmedicine with Dr. Jack Lee, new chapter in my academic life 💖😬

May 2020 – Glad to announce our #IROS2020 workshop “Application-Oriented Modelling and Control of SoftRobots”, supported by @DisneyResearch and @FrontRoboticsAI! Great to discuss #SoftRobots from application viewpoint. More info to come. with T. George, C. Della Santina, F. Renda, C. Laschi

Apr 2020 – Our Frontiers in Robotics and AI article “Editorials: Current Advances in Soft Robotics – Best Papers from RoboSoft 2018” is now available online.

Feb 2020 – Granted £10K from “King’s Global Engagement Partnership Fund” for elevating collaboration between King’s College London, Robotics and Vision in Medicine Lab (RViM), and École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA)

Jan 2020 – Glad to attend #ICRA2020 with “Stiffness Imaging with Continuum Appendage: Real-time Shape and Tip Force Estimation from Base Load Readings” & “Significance of Joints Compliance on the Dynamic Slip Resistance of Bioinspired Hoof”

Jan 2020 – Our new #IJRR paper: “TMTDyn: Matlab package for modeling hybrid rigid–continuum robot based on discretized & reduced-order models” is online now.