Soft Robotics Debates

Organizers: Dr. Marwa ElDiwinyDr. S.M.Hadi SadatiDr. Laura Blumenschein


Different controversial topics in Soft Robotics, such as future and potential impact, real-world deployment, morphological computation vs. traditional control methods, etc., are frequent subject of debates. General community can benefit from making these debates more formal and publicly available. Debates are 80 minutes long with 4-6 participants and a moderator from recognized experts in the field.


15 Feb 2021 – Bioinspired vs. Biohybrid Design

15 Oct 2020 – ”Bridging the Gap Between Soft Robots and Soft Materials: Discovering New Material Functionalities vs. Creating Architected Compliance”

13 July 2020 – ”Morphological Contribution vs. Traditional Methods for Control and Planning in Soft Robotics”